where is the good manual of fungi (molds)?

mspear mspear at telerama.lm.com
Tue Feb 21 20:29:45 EST 1995

r3603207 (r3603207 at CC.NTU.EDU.TW) wrote:
> as title! Can anyone tell me where can I have a good exp handbook
> of fungi or mold! Thanks!

I've been looking myself.  I assume you mean a taxonomical key to the
hyphomycetes.  I wish I had a great one to reccomend but I can point
only to a few that are pretty good.

The classic is Burnette, a blue spiral bound book found in a lot of
labs but no longer in print in think.  

I've got "General of the Hyphomycetes" by Carmichael et al.  Nice
drawings but no real key.

Von Arx is ok but has a very difficult key.

We just got a new one with a title something like, "A Pictorial Atlas
of Soil Fungi"  really great microphotography  (mycophotography?)  but
also a very difficult key.

I don't know your technical level but there is a very basic listing of
 the most common contaminats in recreational mushroom growing in
Stamete's first book.  

Hope this helps.  I hope someone posts something else that's really
great.  Anybody feel like putting a sharp illustrated key onto an
interactive CD-RO

    ---- Mark

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