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Tue Feb 21 20:18:13 EST 1995

Harlock999 (harlock999 at wrote:
> I am trying to find any information regarding Boletus edulis.  This
> includes possible innoculum sources, tips on culture, etc. etc. etc.

> Any information regarding this would be greatly appreciated.
> Harlock999 at

B. edulus is an ectomycorrhizal fungus.  To grow it you first need to
prepare a rather exotic medium then inoculate tree seedlings.  Next
you wait 3-6 years while your trees grow and if you are lucky and
skillful you can get mushrooms.

The only successful cultivated bolete patch I've ever seen is at INRA,
in Bordeaux, France.  Check the literature.

To my knowledge nobody has ever gotten commercial success with this
but there is always a first person.  Like as not the person that does
it will be someone who does not listen to the skeptics.

Good luck, let us know if it works.

     ---- Mark

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