where is the good manual of fungi (molds)?

Wed Feb 22 01:28:38 EST 1995

> Anybody feel like putting a sharp illustrated key onto an
> interactive CD-RO

Yes, actually, I'd been fantasizing about that much of last semester, 
when I was taking a class in the microfungi.  It seems an anachronism to 
have to paw through a key when one is looking at an unfamiliar fungus 
with odd features.  If I'm looking at a fungus with phialophores which 
produce scolecospores, then I know that there can't be more than a very 
few genera that do this.  It would be a great improvement to simply click 
on 'type of conidiogenous cell' and 'spore/conidia type', and let the 
computer present me with a list of matches.  This list could then be 
searched manually (if short enough), or pared down by specifying more 
traits, or perhaps a key could be generated for the remaining taxa.

As a former (reformed?) software engineer, I think this would not be 
difficult (well, the key generation might be).  Is there a good source of 
digitized microphotographs around??

SeeligerC at Axe.Humboldt.Edu

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