Database of Plants & Their Uses

Tim Johnson 74557.3134 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Feb 22 17:01:53 EST 1995

I just finished the first version of Herbage, a shareware program 
for DOS. This program allows searches of a very large database of 
plants from all around the world. You can search in 10 
categories, including alkaloid and nutrition content, native 
range and habitat, traditional uses for specific illnesses, and 
U.S. mail-order sources. This program is the result of two years 
of research using object-oriented and relational data models. As 
far I as know, this is the first program to make use of this 
technology for the collection of plant information.

It is available: 

1. Compuserve \ New Age Forum \ IBM PC Files
2. Compuserve \ Gardening \ New Uploads
3. Compuserve \ Holistic Health \ Herbs & Plants
4. America Online \ Learning & Reference 
     \ Educational Software \ PC/MS DOS Educational Software 
     \ New Education Files

Within a week or so, it will be available on the FTP site: \ simtel \ msdos \ food

- Tim Johnson

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