Mycorrhiza - production of plant growt/development hormones ???

Lewis Melville lmelvill at
Thu Feb 23 14:17:10 EST 1995

Richard Winder (rwinder at PFC.Forestry.CA) wrote:
: In article <bjorn.34.00100CBE at>, bjorn at (Bjorn Ness) writes:
: >I searche for information about possible mycorrhizal production of plant 
: >growth hormones  (auxins, gibberrelin, cytokins).

	Try the mycology newsgroup. Also, if you mail a subscription 
request to listserv at with the message SUBSCRIBE MICRONET you 
will be added to the micronet mailing list for mycorrhiza researchers 
around the world. You could then ask everyone on the list (150 
good luck . lewis melville.

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