Fries's S.M. reprint

Marco Floriani mflorian at
Thu Feb 23 07:11:47 EST 1995

   The Mediterranean Mycology European Confederation (C.E.M.M.) has
reprinted some of the first books written by E.M. Fries, specifically
"Observationes Mycologicae", "Systema mycologicum" and "Elenchus fun-
gorum". This reprint consists of three hard-bound volumes, each con-
sisting of 1000 pages about. They can be bought at an extremely nice
price until March 1995 (about 60$!).

   Note that these books are essential for all the mycologists and
that until today they where very difficult to find.

   If you want to know some more, please E-mail me.

Marco Floriani
mflorian at

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