Insertional/Tn mutagenesis in Neurospora?

Peter Margolis margolis at CMGM.STANFORD.EDU
Fri Feb 24 13:55:27 EST 1995

Greetings. In random discussions, several of us Neurosporologists have
remarked on the challenge presented by cloning genes in this filamentous
fungus. This stumbling block would be dramatically reduced by insertional
mutagenesis, but this aspect of the system remains undeveloped. Attempts in
this lab to apply REMI in Neurospora have been unfruitful, though rumor has
it that this approach works in "every other" fungus. Has anyone had recent
luck or insights into using any sort of insertional or (especially)
transposon mutagenesis in Neurospora or parallel filamentous fungi?
Hopefully we can come up with some likely approaches and/or confer on this
topic here and/or at the Fungal Genetics Conference next month. Any
-Peter Margolis

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