where is the good manual of fungi (molds)?

lkolson at mmm.com lkolson at mmm.com
Mon Feb 27 10:58:40 EST 1995

>  I've been looking myself.  I assume you mean a taxonomical key to the
>  hyphomycetes.  I wish I had a great one to reccomend but I can point
>  only to a few that are pretty good.
>  The classic is Burnette, a blue spiral bound book found in a lot of
>  labs but no longer in print in think.  
>      ---- Mark
I have a grey spiral bound manual by Barnett & Hunter that is fairly good called
"Illustrated Genera of Imperfect Fungi." This is the fourth edition, but I have found
a few errors in the key (e.g. you can't get to Fusarium in the Moniliaceae key).
Ellis has two books out on dematiaceous hyphomycetes and there is a fairly good
book by Onions called "Smith's Introduction to Industrial Mycology" that deals with
most of the more common genera. Other than that most of the books I have are
monographs on individual genera.


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