Jim Berlstein VPGH51A at
Tue Feb 28 18:15:40 EST 1995

Sounds like good advice.
I also want to know where in Ca., so I can estimate the progress of Morel 
season up the coast to portland and Seattle.
Morels are one of the few mushrooms that really are just as good dried as 
fresh, in my opinion.  I recommend cutting them in half for drying. If 
you don't have an herb dryer, spread them out in front of a fan.  They 
will probably only fruit for 2-3 weeks at most, so get em while they're 
hot.  If children pick them, make sure not to let them rot in a pile, or 
you might be accused of corupting the morels of a minor. (yuk yuk yuk).  
Consider contacting the local mushroom club for some help, and a few good 
books.  Dried morel samples can be sent to me for "testing" anytime, I 
will be happy to test them in a cream sauce.


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