Expression of (fungus) gene on different loci ?

David H. Griffin griffin at
Thu Jan 5 16:02:27 EST 1995

Wolf Lichtenberger wrote:

     I'm sure that a gene varies it's protein production rate if situated
   on different loci. Any experiences in the field of gene expression
   variation at the transcription level would be welcome, especially with
   fungi (filamentous fungi would be even better :-) )

Timberlake and Hamer discuss position effects on expression of genes in 
the SpoC1 cluster of Aspergillus nidulans in their review:

Timberlake, W. E. and J. E. Hamer.  1986.  Regulation of gene activity 
during conidiophore development in Aspergillus nidulans.  Genetic 
Engineering 8: 1-29.

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