Climate change and mycorrhizae

Thomas O'Dell todell at
Sun Jan 8 22:42:54 EST 1995

i have seen papers on effects of elevated CO2 on ectomycorrhizae, also 
temperature effects. sorry but i dont have references handy. try science 
citation most recent 5 year index and search subject ectomycorrhizaethen 
look for CO2...
The other global change to be aware of (and more certain than temperature 
changes in terms of magnitude and direction) is in N budgets something 
like a 100% increase in terrestrial N inputs over the past 100 years, 
mostly during the past 10. (see Vitousek, P. 1994. Beyond Global 
Warming: Ecology and Global Change). 
75: 1861) Have fun, and get back to me if you hit a dead end.

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