CAB Mycology Abstracts

"David Brayford ", IMI D.BRAYFORD at
Tue Jan 10 10:22:04 EST 1995

Hi Lester
Yes, CAB databases are available as online services from several hosts,
depending on where you are.  They are also available on CD-ROM.
For details email:  CABI at CABI.ORG

(I can't send you details directly because I don't have your email address.)

Dave Brayford
International Mycological Institute
d.brayford at
To: mycology
Subject: CAB Mycology Abstracts
Date: 04 January 1995 9:59

Hi there! Does anyone knows if the CAB Veterinary and Medical Mycology
abstracts, are offered on line by any Library or Service?, Do they charge?
Lester Pasarell

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