Ken Sanderson ksanders at
Wed Jan 18 00:52:27 EST 1995

I have a few questions regarding the birch polypore - 
Piptoporus betulinus.  Does anyone know of the culinary and medicinal 
qualities.  If anyone has the book "One thousand American Fungi" by 
Charles McIlvaine, there is supposed to be some information regarding
their edibility.  Is this true, what does it say?  Paul Stamets book 
"Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms" mentions that the iceman had 
birch polypores on him and used them for treating wounds and making a
tea by boiling the mushroom.  Does anyone have any other information on
this? Is there a reference in Paul Stamets book to where the information 
came from (I do not have the book)?  Is there any other information anyone
can give me?

Thanks in advance
Ken Sanderson

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