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Tue Jan 24 21:36:12 EST 1995

Mike Hoffelder (mh at SARG.PGH.WEC.COM) wrote:

> I saw a PBS show that showed researchers at Michigan State (I believe)
> who were developing a process for commercial production of Morels.
> Does anybody know more about this or who to contact?
I'm not sure that the University is still doing much work.  Several
years ago the project "went commercial".  First the idea was to sell
licenses but the price was _way_ to high.  As far as I know the only
company who bought in had the backing of the Swiss government and
still was unprofitable.  Next the technology was sold to Domino's
pizza.  That lasted a couple of years.  Finally the whole thing was
sold again.  This time to a company called Terry Foods.  Terry is a
large and respected grower of button mushrooms.

As I understand it there is a pilot plant in place that is rumored to
be pretty nice but not self supporting financially.  Last I heard,
Terry plans to invest enough to make a profitable production plant. 
Domino's promised this as well but reconsidered.

This work has been almost successful for a number of years.  Email me
if you want the contact details.  Remember that the owners of the
process as it stands consider it highly proprietary.  They even have a
patent but many have criticized the patent as being so non-informative
as to be invalid.  In any event they are not about to give away their
technology to casual questioners.  

They may still be looking for investers however.

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