EMBO Workshop 1995

Dr. M. Caddick caddick at liverpool.ac.uk
Wed Jan 25 13:11:33 EST 1995

EMBO workshop

         Molecular Biology of Filamentous Fungi
      "Genome structure, maintenance and expression"
       Ambleside, U.K.  2nd - 7th September,1995

Opening Lecture - David Perkins

DNA repair and recombination      Meiosis and the Cell Cycle
Peter Strike, UK                  Denise Zickler,France
Anthony Carr, UK                  John Doonan, UK
Henk van den Broek, Netherlands   Steve Osmani,USA
Laurent Maloisel, France          John Hamer,USA
Alain Nicolas, France             Oded Yarden,Israel
Hirokazu Inoue, Japan             Reinhart Fischer, Germany

Genome organisation and           Signal transduction and the co-
expression                        ordination of gene expression
Lorna Casselton, UK
John Taylor, USA                  Joan Tilburn, UK
Marie-Josee Daboussi, France      Miguel Penalva, Spain
Nigel Belshaw, UK                 John Linz, USA
Francesca Palladino, Switzerland  Enzo Russo,Germany
Barbara Valent, USA               Guiseppe Macino, Italy
Claudio Scazzocchio, France       Thomas Adams, USA

Format:  This EMBO funded workshop has a strictly
limited number  of participants, who will be chosen
on the  basis of  scientific  merit  and  current
research  interests. Where possible, we will select
a broad representation  of primarily  European based
scientists ranging from  senior graduate  students
to group leaders.   All  participants will  be
required to present a poster and be willing  to give
a short informal talk relating to their work.

There  is no registration fee, but participants
will  be required to pay some of their accommodation
costs.   Some bursaries   will  be  available  for
junior  scientists, requests  for  which should be
included in  the  original application.

Applications,  consisting of  a  brief  CV  and  a
short description  of  current research interests,
or  further enquires  should be made to Dr Richard
Oliver, School  of Biological Sciences, UEA, Norwich
NR4 7TJ, UK   Fax:   44 603 592250    Tel:44 603 592777.    
E mail:R.oliver at uea.ac.uk.  Applications must be received
by the 28th of February 1995.

Organisers:   Mark  Caddick  and  Richard   Oliver.
Coorganisers:  Henk van den Broek, Claudio Scazzocchio
and Miguel  Penalva. Advisors:  David Archer, Herb Arst  Jr.,
John  Doonan,  Cornelius van den Hondel, Merja  Pentilla, 
Ulf   Stahl,  Peter Strike,  Brian  Tomsett   and   Paul Tudzynski.

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