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Thu Jan 26 15:00:57 EST 1995

Program for the Biology of Filamentous Fungi (PBOFF)
Texas A&M University

Graduate Fellowships in Fungal Biology

Fellowships are available for suitably qualified graduate students to work 
with selected members of the Biology, Biochemistry, and Plant Pathology and 
Microbiology Departments at Texas A&M University.  This program is funded by 
a five year training grant from the National Science Foundation and graduate 
trainees will participate in a multidisciplinary program addressing 
important questions in fungal biology.  Students may pursue Ph.D. degrees in 
Plant Pathology, Biology, or Genetics and will have the opportunity to 
rotate in three laboratories before initiating their thesis work in a chosen 
laboratory.  Students with basic interests in biochemistry, biology, 
genetics, and molecular genetics are strongly encouraged to apply.  The 
departmental affiliation and research interests of the faculty associated 
with PBOFF are:

Thomas Adams (Biology/Genetics):  Genetic regulation of fungal development 
and secondary metabolism

David Appel (Plant Pathology):  Ecology and control of major diseases of 
forest and shade  trees, focusing on epidemiology of vascular wilts.

Marian Beremand (Plant Pathology/Genetics):  Genetics and molecular biology 
of mycotoxin production in Fusarium

Daniel Ebbole (Plant Pathology/Genetics):  Genetic regulation of fungal 
development and pathogenicity

Leland Ellis (Biochemistry):  Genome Informatics; developmental genetics of 
kinase structure/function Aspergillus nidulans

Nancy Keller (Plant Pathology):  Genetic and biochemical regulation of 
mycotoxin biosynthesis in Aspergillus

Charles Kenerley (Plant Pathology):  Microbial ecology of biocontrol and 
bioremediation agents

Clint Magill (Plant Pathology/Genetics):  DNA diagnostics of fungal plant 
pathogens and host responses to infection

Raymond Martyn (Plant Pathology):  Biology and control of soilborne fungal 

Bruce McDonald (Plant Pathology/Genetics):  Population genetics of plant 
pathogenic fungi/fungal-plant coevolution.

Mike Plamann (Biology):  Genetic analysis of hyphal growth and nuclear 

Neal Van Alfen (Plant Pathology):  Molecular mechanisms of viral repression 
of sporulation and virulence of a fungal plant pathogen

Students interested in entering PBOFF may apply through the Department of 
Plant Pathology and Microbiology, the Biology Department, or the Genetics 
Program.  To insure consideration for receiving funding by PBOFF, we request 
that you state your interest in the program on your application and that you 
also notify us directly in a separate letter to:

Tom Adams
Chairman, Program for Biology of 
Department of Biology
Texas A&M University
Station, TX  77843. 
email: TOM at

Please include in the letter to me information about your areas of interest, 
undergraduate major (and graduate major if you are currently enrolled in 
another program), grade point average, and GRE scores.

To obtain more information about the Program for the Biology of Filamentous 
Fungi at Texas A&M University write:

Program for Biology of Filamentous Fungi
Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX  77843-2132
Phone:  409-845-7311
FAX:  409-845-6483

OR, take a look at our new World Wide Web page at:
Tom Adams
Department of Biology
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX  77843
Tom at

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