mycorhizal fungi

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Thu Jan 26 09:42:20 EST 1995

Hi Paul.  You wrote:
>Fellow Myconuts:
>        Has anyone a contact for research or info regarding mycorhizal fungi?
>Specifically, I'm looking for any attempts to culture them.  My idea is 
>to try extracts of the companion roots or surrounding soil as additives 
>to agar and similar additives to the spawn mix (grain, wood chips, sawdust).
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For an excellent recnt article see Leonard Hutchison, 1991 Description and 
identification of cultures of ectomycorrhizal fungi found in North America.  
Mycotaxon 42:387-504.  IN this article, Dr. Hutchision describes some 
techniques for isolating & growing cultures of mycorrhizal fungi, and 
characters to look for in the cultres to be sure you have the right fungus 
in culture. note: includes many boletes, but not chanterelles.  INcludes 
many other genera, Tricholoma, Hebeloma, Amanita, Laccaria, etc..  I 
highly recommend the article.
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