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>I saw a PBS show that showed researchers at Michigan State (I believe)
>who were developing a process for commercial production of Morels.
>Does anybody know more about this or who to contact?
There exists 4-5 messages about morel growing (comm'l & hobby//indoors &
outdoors) within the archived files of FUNGUS, the email newsletter on
mushroom growing.  Feel free to retrieve them, if you wish.

BY ANONYMOUS FTP  in directories \pub\users\rarnold\mushroom\FUNGUS

via www gopher://
via gopher  : select "users"; then "on-line access";
                   then "fungi-by-email"

search "Fungi-By-Email"

You can subscribe to FUNGUS by sending to fungus-request at
this message:  SUBSCRIBE FUNGUS <you at your.domain>

Good luck!

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