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Wed Jul 5 14:53:34 EST 1995

Re: Mycena chlorophos, a green mushroom ???

Perhaps someone can help explain a bizarre phenomenon. I have 
Mycena chlorophos, which, as the name implies should produce green
light. When I grew it out, the light was a distinct iridescent, cool blue
with absolutely no greenish hues.  This was witnessed by 4 others. It lit
like a light bulb when the lights were turned out - no waiting for your
to adjust. 

 We set up  3 Nikon camers (F-3, N8008, F4) and shot 3 types of film
Print Gold 400, Tungsten Ektachrome 100, and Kodachrome Professional
64) under various conditions. The Kodakchrome Gold gave the best
image - of Green luminescence - while the others also gave partial
images (also green). No blue at all!  Have any of you had a similar 

1.) Is this an indication of reciprocity failure of the film (15 sec - 3
exposures? Would reciprocity failture show a shift from blue to green ?

2.) Was the species misnamed due to similar experiences - i.e. when
the photographs came back, they looked green, hence the name.
Might  it not be better called have Mycena cyanophos ? Where was
this species first published ? A copy of the original article would be
gratefully received. 

3) Are there other examples or references which might explain this

We have posted an excellent photograph of this luminescent mycelium
on our Home Page at
Check it out and please provide any pertinent  comments. Thanks to all.

paul stamets

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