Julie Dale dalej
Wed Jul 5 22:36:12 EST 1995

                            PLANT SCIENCE DEPARTMENT
                              RESEARCH TECHNICIAN
                               Plant Pathology
                              (Vacancy No. 95/45)

A further position is available for a Research Technician.  The appointee 
should have research experience in mycology or plant pathology and should 
be familiar with the following techniques; microbial culturing, fungal 
isolation and inoculation techniques, DNA isolation, PCR, gel 
electrophoresis, cloning and sequence analysis.

The successful applicant will act as a Research Technician for the Plant 
Pathology Research Group. This position is for a maximum of two years and 
the salary will be based on the Lincoln University salary scales for 
Technicians 1 up to a maximum of $22,200 per annum.

For Conditions of Appointment and an application form, please contact the 
Personnel Section.  Please quote the relevant vacancy number when making 
enquiries.  Applications close Friday, 21 July 1995.

Personnel Section
Tel: (03) 325-2811 extn 8575
Fax: (03) 325-3870
Email: Huttonv at

Lincoln University is committed to a policy of equal opportunity
in education and employment.

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