Monospore isolation?

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Fri Jul 7 17:00:07 EST 1995

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r3603207 at CC.NTU.EDU.TW says...
>  Does anyone have experience about manipulation of monospore isolation? 
>How to do monospore isolation? Can anyone tell me?
>  I have culture of Geotricum malt extract agar slants, and after 
>days of incubation at 30 degree celsius, I used 1% triton solution to 
>the spores. The spores was incubated in malt extract agar but the 
>rate was very poor. Did I do anything wrong in the procedure? 

I would suggest you try your isolation with a lower concentration of 
triton.  I have used 0.0001 % and have been sucessful with Aspergillus 

Best of luck,

Tim Dvorak

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