Chanterelle or Jack O'Lantern?

Evan L. Cooper elcooper at
Sat Jul 8 10:23:11 EST 1995

I'm a VERY amateur mycologist equipped with an Audubon field guide
to mushrooms. June has been a record rainfall month here in Durham,
NC. We live near a forest with many oak trees in our yard. Put it
all together and we have many mushrooms growing right now. Great fun!

I've identified (?) some boletes, bitter, yellow-cracked and
old man of the woods, in latin, Tylopilus fellus, Boletus
subtomentosus and Strobilomyces floccopus.

There are a couple of Amanitas I'm not sure about.

Finally, what about the Chantarelle or Jack O'Lantern question.
I'm pretty sure I've got one or the other. How can I tell? Audubon
says that Jack, Omphalotus olearius, gives off an eerie gree glow
from its gills. Well, I ran straight inside to a closet to check
this out, but I didn't see anything. :( Imagine my disappointment.
Of course if they're Chanterelles maybe I don't need to be sad. :)

Thanks in advance,

Evan L. Cooper                (elcooper at

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