Amanita phalloides - not in my back yard!

WHoff26753 whoff26753 at
Fri Jul 7 22:37:28 EST 1995

    We live in Mill Valley, California, and have had a dog poisoned by
Amanita phalloides from our back yard.  We have dug up numerous fruiting
bodies under a single large oak tree directly behind our kitchen.  These 
have been confirmed as A. phalloides by a Dr. Robert West, who teaches
mycology at College of Marin.  Interestingly, although it is apparently
extremely unusual, these fruits have been recovered since Christmas day,
up to this week (July 1995).
     We are looking for advice regarding eradication of these mushrooms,
which appears to be extremely difficult.  A landscaper has suggested using
a heavy sheeting over the top of the yard which will allow water through
but will not allow growth upwards except where holes are cut for specific
plants, but I am concerned that this may in fact enhance the growth of the
mushrooms.  If you have any advice, or can refer us to another source of
information, please post a message on the newsgroup or e-mail to
CleftMD at

     Bill Hoffman and Teresa Holt, Mill Valley, CA

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