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esiegel at UNIX1.SNCC.LSU.EDU (Eric Robb Siegel) wrote:
> The Vogel's medium N is also given in a lengthy article by Davis and DeSerre
> (I think that's the proper spelling) on Neurospora Genetics which appeared in 
> Methods in Enzymology circa 1975.  The volume also has articles on yeast 
> genetics and Bacillus genetics.
> I don't have the Vogel's medium N recipe in front of me, but I use it for 
> growing Fusarium, partly because the recipe is for a 50X stock solution.  It 
> sure beats weighing out six or seven mineral salts every time I want to whip up a liter of medium.  

The reference for this article:

Davis, R. H., and de Serres, F. J. (1970). Genetic and microbiological research techniques for Neurospora crassa. Methods. Enzymol. 27A, 79-143.

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