Amanita phalloides - not in my back yard!

Lorelei Norvell lorelei at TELEPORT.COM
Sat Jul 8 14:54:54 EST 1995

Yes, Amanita phalloides is mycorrhizal, but not with evergreens.  We 
think it might have been introduced into this country from Europe around 
the turn of the century when European chestnuts were brought in.  To my 
knowledge it has been found with filberts, oaks, and chestnuts (probably 
beeches as well).  If you are truly concerned, you might contemplate 
removing the tree or trees with which it might be associated.  
Unfortunately roots do not necessarily extend evenly in all directions 
from the symbiont partner ... and the fungal partner can often be found 
growing an unusual distance away from its "host".
	Lorelei Norvell

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