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Fungal Genetics Stock Center fgsc at KUHUB.CC.UKANS.EDU
Mon Jul 17 09:18:00 EST 1995

It took a long time to accomplish the task, but listings of three large
groups of stocks at FGSC can now be searched via the Stock Center web site.

Neurospora crassa mutants, Neurospora wild types, and Aspergillus nidulans
strains can be searched.  The routine allows for combinations of markers.
Examples might be adG and yA in Aspergillus, pab and inl in Neurospora.
Partial names are legitimate; searching for pab in either list of mutants
would yield all mutants requiring p-aminobenzoate.  Specifying pabaA in A.
nidulans or pab-1 in N. crassa would return only strains with those specific
mutations.  Searching is case sensitive.

We think this will be a useful addition to our web page, and invite people
to use these functions and comment on what does and does not work.  

The stock center web page can be found at:

Craig Wilson

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