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Roxanne Yamashita roxanne at
Mon Jul 17 14:52:36 EST 1995

								July 17, 1995

Dear Drs. Ullrich and Novotny,
	Hello!  I am responding to the posting for a Postdoctoral position you
advertised.  I am currently working on my Ph.D. at the University of Hawaii
and plan to finish in August of this year.  I completed my Masters degree in
December of 1993 studying the expression of foreign heterologous proteins in
Neurospora crassa.  Some of the things I looked at involved codon bias,
promoters, and signal sequences.  I am very familiar with using various
computer programs which look at protein structure based on alignment at both
the DNA and protein level and the use of neural networks.
	My Ph.D. work involves the use and recognition of signal sequences in
Neurospora crassa.  I am currently trying to improve upon the work of von
Heinje's weighted matrix approach in the identification of signal peptides. 
This approach works well for many proteins of many organisms, but Neurospora
seems to be an exception.   I am also trying to increase the data we have of
signal sequences in Neurospora, to date only 6 of approximately 20 genes for
secreted proteins have been identified.  Using degenerate oligomers based on
N-terminal sequences I am probing Lambda Zap libraries, looking for homology
via GCG, and trying to apply this data to a program which will identify signal
sequences in Neurospora. 
	I have also isolated and sequenced the cDNA clone of an aldolase gene
in N. crassa and I am currently isolating the genomic clone.  I am also
mapping the gene by RFLP analysis. 
	I have a strong molecular biology background.  I have experience in
RNA extraction, PAGE, PCR, Westerns, Northerns, Southerns, plasmid
construction (Masters work) and mapping (Ph.D. work).  Although I have enjoyed
working with Neurospora for the past 4 years, I would welcome the opportunity
to try something new.  
	I have enclosed a list of reference contacts for my graduate work and
will send you both a current curriculum vita and letters of recommendation
from my previous undergraduate research ASAP.
	Thank you for your time.


W. Dorsey Stuart
University of Hawaii
Dept. of Genetics and Molecular Biology
1960 East West Rd.
Biomed A104
Honolulu, Hi  96822
work: (808) 956-5516
email: dorsey at

Doug Vann
University of Hawaii
Dept. of Genetics and Molecular Biology
1960 East West Rd.
Biomed A104
Honolulu, Hi  96822
work: (808) 956-8878
email: dvann at

Neil Reimer
University of Hawaii
Gilmore 411
Honolulu, Hi  96822
work: (808) 956-9653 and  956-6718
email: neil at

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