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>  Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, but I've recently taken a
>tissue culture from a black morel, and the mycelium looks very
>different from other mushroom mycelium I've seen (C. comatus, A. brun.,
>S. rugoso-annulata).  It is much less dense, whitish brown, and appears
>to grow into the agar as well as on top of it.  My media is standard
>malt-extract agar supplimented with yeast extract with ampicillin
>(200mg/liter of agar) added to suppress bacterial contamination.  Is
>this appearance normal for morel mycelium, and are there any
>recommendations on agar media?  Thanks.

>Michael Clark  >michael-clark at

Hi Michael.  Morchella mycelium is fairly easy to recognize once you learn 
what it's supposed to look like. It sounds very much like the mycelium you 
ahve described. Fruiting morels is of course another matter entirely...

It is fairly easy to grow on most kinds of medium.  At least it 
grows on nearly every medium I've ever tried.  For some additional 
information on recognition of the mycelium see one of my [old] morel papers:

Volk, Thomas J & Thomas J Leonard.  1990  Cytology of the Life cycle of 
Morchella.  Mycological Research. 94: 399-406

Hope this helps. Please write if you need additonal information.
---Tom Volk  
Center for Forest Mycology Research.  Forest Products Lab.  Madison Wisconsin

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