green fluorescent protein

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Tue Jul 18 16:08:24 EST 1995

In article <3ugp5e$igc at>, Jennifer.Loros at (Susan K. Crosthwaite) writes:
> Has anyone expressed green fluorescent protein in Neurospora? If so,
> I'd be interested to hear what promoter(s) you used and whether or not
> the protein is stable and easy to detect. I'm thinking about hooking up
> GFP to the qa-2 and ccg-2 promoters and would just like to get a feel
> for whether it's going to be sucessfully expressed. Please Email me if
> you have any information Susan.K.Crosthwaite at Dartmouth.EDU I will post
> a summary of the information I collect on the net. Thanks in advance, 

> Sue Crosthwaite
Have you considered Pseudomonas contamination???? RRandolph

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