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Marianne Elliott (conal at wrote:
: I have been doing some reading about the plant pathogenic fungus 
: Hendersonula toruloidea (Deuteromycotina, Coelomycetes), and the 
: scytalidium state or form-genus has been mentioned.  Is this the same as 
: the genus scytalidium that is a mycoparasite on some fungi that cause 
: rust diseases in trees?  I guess I'm confused about what is meant by 
: form-genus.  Any information would be appreciated.   ----Marianne

A form-genus is commonly used for the anamorph or conidial state
of the fungus.  The prefix form- denotes that these groups don't
imply phylogenetic relationships.  They're simply "handles" for use
in discussing the various forms.
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