EMS ???

Michael Clark michael-clark at uiowa.edu
Thu Jul 20 18:14:58 EST 1995

I did EMS mutagenesis of yeast when I was an undergrad.  After the
cells had incubated in EMS, the EMS was destroyed by adding the cells
(with EMS) to 5% sodium thiosulfate.  The cells were spun down and the
thiosulfate solution disposed of.  I believe that we added this
solution to a little more 5% Na thiosulfate and let it sit in the fume
hood for a week or two.  Consult your health protection office on this,
but as I recall, we disposed of it as regular chemical waste (i.e. as
thiosulfate since the EMS was destroyed).

BTW: I echo the comments about doing this in a fume hood, and defintely
wear double gloves.  EMS is nasty stuff.

Michael Clark
University of Iowa  

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