colorless mutants

Chuck Staben staben at
Mon Jul 24 19:19:56 EST 1995

Neurospora mutants are described well in a review:
Perkins, et al Microbiol. Rev. 46:426-570.
There are three loci at which mutants conferring an albino phenotype are known: al-1, al-2, 
and al-3.
These, and many other stocks as well as other information are available from the Fungal 
Genetic Stock Center:
I am less familiar with Aspergillus mutants.  I believe that there are many more collections 
of A. nidulans mutants than of A. niger.  Although I know that many color mutants are known, I 
do not know which loci confer albino phenotypes.  The Stock Center also collects A. nidulans 
mutants and, I think, has some A. niger stocks.

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