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> Has anyone expressed green fluorescent protein in Neurospora? If so,
> I'd be interested to hear what promoter(s) you used and whether or not
> the protein is stable and easy to detect. I'm thinking about hooking up
> GFP to the qa-2 and ccg-2 promoters and would just like to get a feel
> for whether it's going to be sucessfully expressed. Please Email me if
> you have any information Susan.K.Crosthwaite at Dartmouth.EDU I will post
> a summary of the information I collect on the net. Thanks in advance, 
> Sue Crosthwaite
Hi Sue,

I am also looking for a promoterto express green fluorescent protein in another filamentous fungus, Trichoderma harzianum.  Can you send me the info you get?  You may also contact Dr. Brett Tyler at UC DAvis, he has a weak to medium expression Neurospora promoter.  His e-mail is: bmtyler at
I, myself, am looking for a strong promoter.  
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