Ph.D Assistantship in Fungal Molecular Biology

Gopi K. Podila gkpodila at
Wed Jul 26 16:04:43 EST 1995

A Ph.D Research Assistantship position is available starting from 
September 1995 at  Michigan Technological University to work on 
molecular biology of  mycorrhizal symbiosis.   Responsibilities include 
cloning and characterization of symbiosis related genes from 
ectomycorrhizal fungus Laccaria bicolor from its interaction with red 
pine.  Cloned symbiosis related genes will then be tested for their 
importance in the establishment of symbiosis through gene transformation 
and disruption techniques.  Candidates should have a MS degree in plant 
pathology or related field with  relevant experience in fungal/plant 
molecular biology.  Experience working with mycorrhizal fungi will be a 
plus.  The position is funded through USDA NRICGP competitive grants 
program.   Applicants  should meet the eligibility criteria of the 
Michigan Technological University graduate school and the department of 
Biological Sciences. This includes scores from GRE and TOEFL (for 
foreign students).  Send your inquiries including a cover letter 
outlining your research experience, CV and names of three references  to 
Dr. G.K. Podila, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Michigan Technological 
University, Houghton, MI 49931, Ph: 906-487-3068, FAX 906-487-3167, 
Email gkpodila at

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