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>> I'm looking for a key to fungi that would include most of the wood 
>>decay fungi (families Polyporaceae, Hydnaceaea, Clavariaceae, 
>>Thelephoraceae, Dacrymycetaceae, Tremellaceae, Agaricaceae and others).

(text deleted)

>excellent series The Corticiaceae of North Europe, by Erikssson Ryvarden, et 
>al. has been published by Fungiflora. The keys are very good. The species of 

There is a new book out called the Lignicolous Corticioid Fungi (Basidiomycota)
of North America: Systematics, Distribution, and Ecology, by J. Ginns and
M. N. L. Lefebvre.  I don't see any keys listed in the promo. for it, but it 
might be worth checking out- has anyone had a chance to look at it?  -RSW

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