Looking for _Hypsizygus_ spore prints or cultures

Jon Singer jon at asylum.sf.ca.us
Thu Jun 1 01:18:35 EST 1995

Hi. Hope this isn't redundant (it was mentioned in the latest
MycoInfo) --

Brian McNett and I are looking for spore prints of _Hypsizygus_
_tessulatus_ (=_H._marmoreus_, =_Pleurotus_elongatipes_) and
_H._ulmarius_ (don't know any synonyms). I will happily accept
prints on just about anything -- petri dish, microscope slide,
aluminum foil, even paper, as long as they are clean and you're
pretty sure of the ID. Please email me: <jon at asylum.sf.ca.us>.

I would, I think, be happy to get cultures rather than spores
if living mycelium is available...

Don't know what I could trade for these, as I'm rather new to
mushroom cultivation. Aside from what appears to be a pleasant
little gray-top oyster mushroom that I cultured from a grocery-
store package, about all I have is a languishing little agar
culture of an intergrade between _Amanita_pantherina_ and _A._
_gemmata_, which is of use only to a researcher looking into
mycorrhizal fungi; my guess is that anybody who could use such
a culture already has one. (It doesn't do very well on malt-
extract & peptone agar, in any case. As I said, languishing.)

My apologies for blather, and my thanks to anyone who can help.

Cheers -
- jon

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