Aspergillus/Penicillium Workshop

Fri Jun 2 11:34:11 EST 1995

This is a reminder regarding a specialized mycology workshop scheduled for 
July 31- August 4, 1995 in San Antonio, Texas.  Dr John Pitt with CSIRO 
Food Research Laboratory in New South Wales, Australia, and Dr Maren Klich 
with the USDA Southern Regional Research Laboratory in New Orleans, 
Louisiana will join forces to present a week-long, hands-on study of 
dozens of species of Aspergillus and Penicillium.  Both common and unusual 
species of medical and industrial interest will be featured.

The site of this program is the UT Health Science Center in San Antonio. 
Cost for registrants prior to July 4 will be $695 U.S.  After that date, 
registrants will pay $750 U.S.   Each participant will receive an extensive
manual with illustrations, identification schemes and methodologies.  For 
a registration form, please e-mail your name, address, and phone/FAX 
number in reply to this e-mail correspondence.  Alternatively, you may 
mail a request for registration materials to:

James L. Harris, Ph.D.
Training Coordinator
Bureau of Laboratories
Texas Dept of Health
1100 West 49th Street
Austin, TX 78756

phone 512-458-7566
FAX 512-458-7672
jharris at

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