wood decay fungi

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>There is a new book out called the Lignicolous Corticioid Fungi
>of North America: Systematics, Distribution, and Ecology, by J. Ginns and
>M. N. L. Lefebvre.  I don't see any keys listed in the promo. for it, but it 
>might be worth checking out- has anyone had a chance to look at it?  -RSW
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Hi Richard.  Ginns and Lefebvre have published an excellent book listing all 
the lignicolous corticioid fungi in North America.  There are no keys, but 
that was not the intention of this book.  It does, however list all the 
species, their synonyms and place of publication, which is extremely useful 
information in itself.  Also listed are the published geographical and host 
distributions, ecological information, cultural characteristics and 
additional references. An excellent reference book to the species of 
---Tom Volk  Center for Forest Mcology Research, Forest Products Lab, 
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