mushroom poisoning (LONG)

Edward Gosfield gosfield at
Tue Jun 6 20:47:16 EST 1995

Unfortunately, i don't know of any summaries of mushroom poisoning 
reports outside of Medline access, or of course the hardcopy equivalent 
like the Citation Index, etc.

Every year or two i do a search just to see what is new.  It is possible 
the local Poison Center might have some info.  Also check the index in 
the Lincoff book, and the CRC poisonous and hallucinogenic mushroom 
book.  Both out of print last i knew, and published before 1985, so they 
might have some interesting older stuff.  The local mushroom society 
newsletters often publish accounts of poisonings, but not with any 
serious technical content. Perhaps the toxicology old-girl/boy network 
keeps up on fungi as well, if you know any pros.

I think Medline is probably the most complete and easily accessible 
source of technically rigorous information in this area.  It is 
available on CD-ROM as well as by modem.  If you have access to a 
University Biomedical Library they probably have the CDROM set. Quicker 
to search, but probably messier to print out/download.

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