HELP: fungi on dung

Marco Floriani mflorian at
Thu Jun 8 03:30:04 EST 1995

The C.S.M. (Centro Studi Micologici) of the Bresadola Mycological
Association (Italy) is preparing a book about fungi growing on dung. It will
include full description and colour photographs of a lot of species, plus a
rich literary research. Unfortunately, there is an obstacle to the publication
of this work, which should appear within the next two months: despite long
researches all over Europe, nobody has been able to send to the authors the
original diagnosis of the well-known Pilobolus kleinii. If somebody can help
we will be extremely grateful to him/her. Here is the basionymum of the fungus:

	Pilobolus kleinii P.H. Van Tieghem 1876
	Ann. Sci. Nat. 6: 4, pag 337

Please E-mail me soon if you can help us some way.

			Thank you all anticipately.

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