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> Someone told me that certain species of Morels "pack a punch." Has
> anyone experienced intoxication resulting from ingestion of Morels? Was
> it pleasurable?

This probably falls into the category of urban (forest?) folklore.  In  
over 10 years of experience I have never heard of a psychoactive reaction  
from morels.  Some (very few) people experience an allergic reaction to  
cooked morels--nausea, GI distress,etc--and lot more have experienced the  
same reaction from raw morels.  But intoxication--nope!

Gyromitra species which are sometimes mistaken for morels by inexperienced  
collectors contain a compound called gyromitrin which is acutely toxic in  
large amounts (it has caused a number of fatal poisonings in Europe) and  
carcinogenic when consumed in subacute doses over sustained periods of  
time.  When heated gyromitrin releases the compound N-methylhydrazine,  
sometimes used as rocket fuel.

Looks like you'll just have to content yourself with Psilocybes, Paneolus  
species and the like.

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