Psychoactive Morels

Eric Hirst eric at
Fri Jun 9 14:30:27 EST 1995

burden at (STEPHEN BURDEN) writes:

>Someone told me that certain species of Morels "pack a punch." Has
>anyone experienced intoxication resulting from ingestion of Morels? Was
>it pleasurable?

If you prepare them in a tasty enough manner, they can cause
extreme pleasure, but probably not enough to bristle the DEA.
My parents report vivid dreams after a good meal of wild mushrooms
as well.

But the most entertaining side effect of morels for me has been
visual.  After every morel hunt, whenever I close my eyes I
see morels.  This spring, I found myself closing my eyes and
seeing hundreds of morels.  A week later, after an even better
hunt, I closed my eyes and kept seeing BIG morels!

This happens only with morels, I think (maybe boletes and gypsys too,
but not chanterelles or hedgehogs), and several of my friends
have had it happen as well.  The search image seems to burn into
the retina for a good 12 hours.  Anyone else experience this?

Eric Hirst
eric at

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