A mycological WWW page

Marco Floriani mflorian at sun10.inf.unitn.it
Fri Jun 9 17:54:38 EST 1995

There is a new (even if quite modest) mycological site on the Web!
Take a look at my home page at the following address:


There you can find a list of my favourite links to other mycological
resources, and a photo + description of Hygrocybe lepida.
Soon you will find also a list of the main Italian mycological journals
with the abstracts of the articles appeared in the last issues an from
July (I hope) it will be available a set of colour images of other fungi.
The one you can see this month is not of a very high quality, as it was
aquired with a scanner from a colour print, but the next ones will come
>From a Photo-CD, so I think they'll be quite better. Let me know your
opinion about this page, and have a nice mushroom season.

Marco Floriani
Via Vigolana, 8
38057 Pergine Valsugana (TN)
Tel    : 0461/510450 
E-mail : mflorian at www.inf.unitn.it

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