Fresh or Dried Lactarius Deliciosus, Anyone?

Garry gmj at
Wed Jun 14 02:51:54 EST 1995

Hi Guys

Can anyone supply URLs on Lactarius Deliciosus (Delicious Lactarid, Saffron 
Milk-Cap) please; especially concerning air-drying and other methods of 
preserving, and of course recipes.

Most people put them in the "poisonous" category; European friends say they 
are very expensive over there, someone mentioned US$60/kilo fresh.  That's 
almost as expensive as **durian**!!

They grow wild here in South-East Australia; and were mentioned in both A 
Field Guide to Fungi in South East Australia (Macdonald and Westerman, Nelson 
1979, ISBN  0 17 005290 7 [good color photo at page 94]) and The New Field 
Guide to Fungi (Soothill and Fairhurst, Michael Joseph London 1978, ISBN 0
7181 1629 8 [#228, page 158]).

They have just gone off-season (end of Autumn/Fall), and there will be a small 
season in early Spring (September).



PS	Basic recipes are: fry quarter-inch (5mm) cubes in butter with an
	equal amount of chopped onions; half-inch cubes in lasagne; narrow
	strips in soup --- Deliciosus!!

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