Colletotrichum antirrhini

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>I could not easily find C. antirrhini.  I thought that Colletotrichum was in 
>the Deuteromycetes (an imperfect fungus).  I noticed that many of the 
>Colletotrichum entries in Genbank are now classified as in the Ascomycetes, 
>Pyrenomycetes, Diaporrthales, Diaporthacea.

Colletotrichum is the anamorph (imperfect stage) of the ascomycete 
Glomerella.  Glomerella is in the Pyrenomycetes- I've found two sources that
list it as being in groups with Xylaria-type centrums (Polystigmatales
and/or Polystigmataceae), rather than the groups that you list with the 
Diaporthe/Nectria-type centrum.  Does anyone know if the position of 
Glomerella has been recently revised?   -RSW

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