Colletotrichum antirrhini

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Yes Glomerella is the teleomorph of Colletotrichum.  Recently Bud Uecker 
on the centrum development of Glomerella - finding it to be "sordariaceous" 
a Nectria type centrum or Xylaria type centrum.  He also studied the 
of Plectosphaerella cucumerina and found the two to be quite similar.  The 
of P. cucumerina has been called Fusarium tabacinum and recently myself, W. 
and H. Nirenberg described a new genus for that anamorph - Plectosporium.
The references for these studies are
Uecker, F.A. 1993. Development and cytology of Plectosphaerella
cucumerina.  Mycologia 85:470-479.
Uecker, F.A. 1994. Ontogeny of the ascoma of Glomerella
cingulata.  Mycologia 86:82-88.
Palm, M.E., W. Gams, and H. Nirenberg. 1995. Plectosporium, a new genus for
Fusarium tabacinum, the anamorph of Plectospharella cucumerina.
Mycologia 87 (3):397-406.

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>I could not easily find C. antirrhini.  I thought that Colletotrichum was 
>the Deuteromycetes (an imperfect fungus).  I noticed that many of the
>Colletotrichum entries in Genbank are now classified as in the Ascomycetes, 

>Pyrenomycetes, Diaporrthales, Diaporthacea.

Colletotrichum is the anamorph (imperfect stage) of the ascomycete
Glomerella.  Glomerella is in the Pyrenomycetes- I've found two sources that
list it as being in groups with Xylaria-type centrums (Polystigmatales
and/or Polystigmataceae), rather than the groups that you list with the
Diaporthe/Nectria-type centrum.  Does anyone know if the position of
Glomerella has been recently revised?   -RSW

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