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>The North American Mycological Association has a regular report on who, 
>what when where of poisonings due to mushroom consumption. I'm not sure 
>where you'd find it but its likely to have a lot more cases since most 
>"poisonings' cause only minor discomfort and are unlikely to come to the 
>attention of a physician...
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Yes, the North American Mycological Association (NAMA) does publish the 
records of mushroom poisoning regularly in "McIlvainea". The 1992 issue 
that I have here includes an article entitled: "Mushroom Poisoning Case 
Registry, North American Mycological Association, Report 1991" by John H. 
Trestrial III. There is also an extensive bibliography titled: "Poisonous 
Mushrooms and Toxins: Selected References, 1991" prepared for the NAMA 
Toxicology Committee by Dr.Kenneth W. Cochran.

The Mushroom Poisoning Case Registry articles are produced annually in 
"McIlvainea". The address on this 1992 issue is: NAMA, 3556 Oakwood, Ann 
Arbor, Michigan 48104-5213, U.S.A.

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