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Thu Jun 15 03:20:10 EST 1995

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Mike Cretella  <fom at> wrote:

>I would be interested in receiving information on anyone who is commercially
>growing shitake and/or exotic mushrooms.

Shiitake growing info is frequently 'published' in the weekly
free Internet email-newsletter dedicated to specialty mushroom cultivation
called FUNGUS.   You can subscribe by sending this message:
SUBSCRIBE FUNGUS <your email address>    
to fungus-request at or by contacting me at rarnold at

Several Shiitake growers subscribe to FUNGUS, along with many fine
suppliers/professionals.  Including:  Mushroom Growers' Newsletter
(mycoworld at; Paul Stamets, Fungi Perfecti (mycomedia at;
UnicornBags (unicorn at; Mushroompeople (0002745871 at

Visit the WEB Page, where you can 'extract' over 60 postings dealing with
Shiitake growing/marketing (and many other cultivation subjects/species)
plus connect to many other mycology links:

Ralph Arnold

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