Fresh or Dried Lactarius Deliciosus, Anyone?

Philip Tung Yep pty8847 at
Fri Jun 16 17:52:12 EST 1995

In article <3rm4es$eip at>, gmj at says...
>Can anyone supply URLs on Lactarius Deliciosus (Delicious Lactarid, Saffron 
>Most people put them in the "poisonous" category; European friends say they 
>are very expensive over there, someone mentioned US$60/kilo fresh.  That's 
>almost as expensive as **durian**!!

I'm not sure where in Europe they're talking about.  They appear occasionally in
London markets at about £4 - 6 per lb. (USD 12 - 18/kilo).  As they're reasonably
common in parts of Scotland, it would be difficult to charge more.

By the way, durian is a lot cheaper in Chinatown, too.

>PS      Basic recipes are: fry quarter-inch (5mm) cubes in butter with an
>        equal amount of chopped onions; half-inch cubes in lasagne; narrow
>        strips in soup --- Deliciosus!!

Superb with duck.


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