blastocystis hominis

Gary Grills grillsg at
Sat Jun 17 08:00:15 EST 1995

HugoK at (Hugh Kottler) wrote:
 >Can anyone give me a little orientation re blastocystis hominis as a 
 >pathogen, and does anyone have a way of killing the little buggers?
 >The parasitologists around here (WashDC) have heard of them but they all 
 >maintain that they do not cause harm, yet my wife has been suffering 
 >from them for years, ever since she picked them up in Peru.  
 >Thanks for any information you can send our way.
 >hugok at
 >In australia we consider them as indicators of other possible parasite infections. It is possible though that in some patients they may play a pathogenic-like role.

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